All Hail Lord Elon of House Musk, First of his Name. The Techno King of the Tesla. The Wealthiest of all Men. The Builder of Rockets. The Bringer of Solar City. The Protector of The Doge, and the Warden of the Twitter Relm.

This Drawing is Dedicated to Elon Musk and to all your many accomplishments, and advancements you have made for Mankind. Thank you for giving me hope of a brighter future. Just remember Y'all;

"You can be the most intelligent person in the world and fail by simply not applying yourself."



All Hail To The King of Media, Mark of House Zuckerburg. The First of His Name. The Conqueror of the Social Realm. The Chieftain of the Metaverse. The Master of Realities. The Creator of Community. The Destroyer of Tyranny. The King Who Answers to No One.

This Drawing is Dedicated to Mark Zuckerburg. Thank you for bringing the world closer together through social media. I hope one day you get the credit you deserve. Just remember Y'all;

"We Are The People and We Are The Powerful. There's nothing we can't change with Community."

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To all my Brothers and Sisters out there still Serving this Country in one way or another, and all of us who have the Honer to be called a Veteran. Thank You. Only us few knows of the true Sacrifice for the Many.

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